Urban Wealth

What is Urban Wealth?

Being Wealthy is more than just money.

"Urban Wealth" and freedom is living a rich, well funded and rounded lifestyle with no financial worries. A lifestyle where:

  • you have zero debt
  • you own a nice house - paid in full... you have no mortgage
  • your bank balance is fat... a few hundred thousand dollars at least
  • you create money at home... no job or boss
  • you have a regular income... of thousands of dollars per week!

Imagine your life like this. It feels amazing!

At OneDayWealth, we aim for “Urban Wealth”. Indeed, you don't need to be a millionaire to be wealthy.

A Word from Bill Stacy

You can become an options day trader on the Australian stock market and you may then have the skills to replace your income and retire early but you know...

OneDayWealth's never been about becoming a millionaire.

OneDayWealth is and will always be about normal people (like you and me!) making decent money from the comfort of their own homes or favourite locations using the power of technology and the magic of Options to finally enjoying our lives, passions and hobbies. That's what I like to call urban wealth.”

How You Can Achieve 'Urban Wealth'

Through profitable options trading, OneDayWealth traders are able to pay off their house, eliminate debt, build a solid bank account... and make an impressive income. All from trading options. And all whilst trading part time, from the comfort of their own homes.

By trading options, it's possible to break free from your job.

  • Suddenly you have more time.
  • Suddenly you have more money.
  • Suddenly you have more choice, more control... more freedom.

It should NOT be just a "dream" for you to have what you want. With Options Trading, your dream can be a reality. You really can pursue your heart's desires. You can have enough money to give to others. You can live where you like. You can find success without a 9-5 J.O.B. (Just Over Broke).

What's Your Dream?

Dreams Becoming Reality...

OneDayWealth members are seeing their dreams turn into real possibilities. Take a look at what others are planning:

  • sailing around the world, living on a boat
  • playing golf tournaments
  • taking regular international holidays, every 6 weeks
  • giving thousands of dollars to worthy charities
  • creating a property investment empire for mega passive cash flow
  • building hot rods (a Bill Stacy favourite!)
  • running small business for fun, not worrying about profits
  • taking care of your family and loved ones

Your Next Step

OneDayWealth's Stock Market trading courses give you the real possibility of building a life of Urban Wealth. Here's how to get started:

Got a Trading Bank?

If you've already got enough money to start trading, we recommend creating Urban Wealth through Options Trading:

  1. Day Trading Australian Options - for quick, large profits (start with a bank as small as $10,000)
  2. How To Sell Put Spreads the Bill Stacy Way (aka Spread Surfing) - create an impressive regular income - (a trading bank of $100,000 allows for wise risk management by allocating between $2k and $5k for each trade)
No Trading Bank?

If your funds are tight, Internet Income is the perfect way to build your trading bank. You can work part time from home, making extra cash and building passive income streams.

  1. The Complete Internet Business Package - the Bible of Making Money Online - for when you're serious and committed to making a living from home.
  2. Internet Business Mini-Courses - Easy Internet Income Toolkits - for when you need to start small, but want maximum results in minimum time.